Monday, June 06, 2005
Who Knew?

It was the middle of the night and someone was shaking my shoulder. Opening one eye, I saw my four-year-old son standing next to my bed, stark naked, with a serious look on his face.

"Momma?" he sounded unhappy.

"What is it, Bri?"

"The people in my penis are making muscles," he complained. "They're trying to make me into a muscle man."

Glancing down I could see what he meant. His little flag was definitely at half mast.

"How many people are in there?" I asked curiously

"Two, " he answered without hesitation. "And they won't leave me alone and let me sleep."

"Well that's not very nice." I thought for a minute. "Why don't you tell them that it's sleep time now, and that they need to behave themselves and let you rest?"

Brian looked doubtful. "I don't think they're gonna listen."

"Yes they will. Just tell them that if they're good boys, you'll take them swimming tomorrow."

My son smiled. "I like swimming."

"I know."

I watched while he explained the situation to 'the boys'. "So what do they think?" I asked.

"They say okay."

"Good." I climbed out from under the sheets and took his hand. "Let's go get your pajama bottoms back on and get you to bed."

Five minutes later, my son had his spiderman jammies on again and was tucked neatly under the covers. I kissed his forehead. "Night sweetheart."

"G'Night," he giggled. "Sleep tight. Don't let the bunny bugs bite."

I switched off the light and walked to the door.

"Momma?" Brian called.

I turned around. "Yes?"


"No problem. Now get some rest."

Going back to my room, I snuggled under the sheets smiling to myself.

Little men. . .

Now that would explain a lot!
Memories and musings shared by Juno
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