Thursday, June 16, 2005
The Other Side of The Brian Debate
Thank you guys for your comments in my last post. I really am very lucky that I have smart kids who aren't afraid to debate their old mom--even on her pet topics!

In all fairness to Brian, I do have to mention one quick little story. When he was a little guy in fourth grade, he was a journalist for the school newspaper. The editor asked him to write a story on Christopher Columbus for the upcoming holiday edition.

Brian threw himself headlong into his research, going outside the accepted school texts to find answers. His article entitled "Christopher Columbus--Friend or Foe" presented not only the common facts taught in school, but also outlined the atrocities the man committed and his attempts to enslave the Native Americans.

The editor rejected his article. He said that although he knew it was factual and well-researched, the school did not want to print a story that would ruin Columbus Day for the kids. The children would find it too confusing. Brian was stunned--and you can just imagine my reaction! It was all my kid could do to prevent me from storming into the school, writing a letter to the local newspaper, etc. Because I love my son though, I held back and just let him process it in his own way.

I think that's why this last paper of his threw me for a loop--although I'm beginning to suspect that Brian has adopted my habit of playing devil's advocate with the issues. I have a habit of arguing a point with the kids then, once they concede, arguing the opposing side. Confusing, yes, but it makes them think! They used to say they learned more about a subject during a 15 minute debate with me than they did in a week of classes.

Anyway, here's to glorious debates, stubborn moms and kids who think!
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